Bilateral Seminar

On October 5th, the Scandinavian–Polish Chamber of Commerce hosted a bilateral seminar which invited key Norwegian and Polish circular stakeholders to meet, discuss and collaborate. The seminar was made possible through the networks and connections created by the Circularity Gap Report Poland project and carried on the important practical work on accelerating the transition to a circular economy in both countries.
Norwegian and Polish organisations, institutions and businesses were represented by a variety of participants, which facilitated the sharing of a broad range of views and experiences, as well as created important conversations on how to build lasting collaborations and advance the situation in both countries.

And indeed, collaboration was a key topic of the seminar, which began with an update regarding a new call for Bilateral Initiatives between Poland and Norway in the area of Green Transition by the EEA and Norway Grants programme—whose funding also made the CGR Poland project possible. This work will continue to create more exciting opportunities between the countries.

An initial mapping of these opportunities is also included in the Circularity Gap Report Poland in the form of a Spotlight Chapter which studies the bilateral circular possibilities between Poland and Norway. The seminar audience was treated to a preview of the report by Carlos Pablo Sigüenza from Circle Economy.

Focusing on circular success stories, the seminar audience also heard from Knut Skinnes, representing Green House, Våren and Norwegian Re:textile, on the role of network management and textile technologies. Konrad Robak from the Tomra Collection shared his insights and experiences on how we can close the loops regarding the circulation of raw materials in Poland. Whereas, Verineia Codrean from Startup Norway presented on the possibilities of innovation and the start-up ecosystem for the circular economy.

Bringing in experience and a current status update about circular perspectives in the hospitality sector was Siren Knudsen from Puro Hotels. Her talk was followed by a look at the role of cities in circularity with both Ewelina Szczech-Pietkiewicz, from the Warsaw School of Economics, and Tor Kristensen, City Loop, discussing circular cities and city development.

The seminar finished with an engaging and productive roundtable, which facilitated hands-on work together and the exchange of ideas and knowledge. We would like to thank all of the speakers and participants and hope to continue these conversations with you soon!

Thank you to the participants, speakers and hosts:
Agnieszka Zielinska Sylwia Wojtaszczyk-Ciąćka Mette Jøranli Knut Skinnes Verineia Codrean Anna Green-Hultgren Iselin Fjeld Tor Gausemel Kristensen Konrad Robak Siren Knudsen Ewelina Szczech-Pietkiewicz Maja Wasilewska Joanna Kulczycka Paulina Zadura Jan Prejsnar Artur Tomaszewski Jacek Lawrecki Leszek Dąbrowski Mariusz Szeib Adam Sabuda Einar Kleppe Holthe Cathrine Barth Carlos Pablo Sigüenza Agnieszka Sznyk Agnieszka Girzejowska Dominika Wieczorek Justyna Kizlich Arlind Skaarland