Circular Restart

On March 31st, a project group with members from Innowo (Poland), Natural State (Norway), Circle Economy (Netherlands) and the Polish coalition, met for the first time in Warsaw for the official kickoff of the Circular Restart project. The project aims at facilitating circular transition in Poland in a synergetic process with Norwegian counterparts.

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“We need to learn to operate within the boundaries of our planet. And it needs to happen now,” stated Anders Eide, Ambassador of Norway to the Republic of Poland. The ambassador greeted the coalition with supporting enthusiasm.

Approximately 30 members of the coalition, representing businesses, academia and regulators, offered their expertise and insights and confirmed their engagement in the project. Moving forward, the circular coalition will play an important role in consulting and investigating the circularity gap in Poland, along with offering specific suggestions for closing economic loops in Poland. The Poland Circular Gap Report (CGR) initiative is funded by the EEA and Norway Grants program.