Circular Gap
Reporting Initiative

The Circularity Gap Reporting Initative by Circle Economy highlights the urgent need to transition to a circular economy. By conducting a Circularity Gap analysis, Poland will join the ranks of Austria (9.7% circular), the Netherlands (24.5% circular), Norway (2.4% circular), Quebec (3.5% circular) and Sweden(to be launched spring 2022). Read more about Circle Economy's Circularity Gap Reporting Initiative here.

︎︎︎ Circular Gap Report Austria
︎︎︎ Circular Gap Report The Netherlands
︎︎︎ Circular Gap Report Norway
In 2017, Circle Economy recognised the urgent need to accurately measure the circular economy. So far, there was no global baseline measurement on the circular state of our world or data available to truly understand how we can effectively move towards circularity or monitor progress. 

That is why, in January 2018, the first Circularity Gap Report was published during the World Annual Forum in Davos. This first report established that our world is only 9.1% circular, leaving a massive circularity gap. It also provided a framework and fact-base to measure and monitor progress in bridging the global circularity gap. In January 2019 the second edition of the Circularity Gap Report was launched, reiterating that our global economy is stuck in reverse and failing people and the planet.

Today, our efforts to measure the circular economy have grown into the Circularity Gap Reporting Initiative. The Initiative delivers an annual global circularity metric that measures the state of the world economy and identifies key levers to transition to global circularity. It also provides insights into the circularity gap of individual countries and sectors. To improve the analysis and recommendations of all Circularity Gap Reports, the Initiative will form a Global Data Alliance focused on using data as a force for good.

The Initiative will continue to bring together global, cross-sector stakeholders from academia, businesses, NGOs and governments to input, evaluate and endorse the authoritative annual report.