Economic Forum

The Economic Forum is often called the ‘Polish Davos’ due to its ability to attract an impressive spread of Central and Eastern European ministers, heads of state and government, as well as entrepreneurs, journalists, and academics. This year, the 31st Economic Forum in Karpacz, Poland, embraced a theme which ramifications we have all felt in the past few years. ‘Europe in the Face of New Challenges’ resonates with all of us on different levels as our lives have been uprooted and shaken from their previous courses by events ranging from the pandemic to the climate crisis and the current geopolitical situation—both globally and closer to home.
“For the thirty years of organising the Economic Forum, we have managed to create a room for dialogue which, owing to its unique atmosphere, has become one of the most frequently visited places by the political and economic elites in Europe.”
– Zgymunt Berdychowski, Chairman of the Economic Forum Programme Council

As the largest annual political and economic event in Central Europe, this year’s Economic Forum filled the calendars of 4000 participants from Europe, North America, and Asia. Among the audience and speakers alike, there was a growing awareness of the importance of finding solutions and innovations that will help us build more sustainable societies that are resilient to changes. Within many possibilities, a circular economy is one of the key solutions proposed more and more often on both EU and national levels due to the opportunities it presents in creating more stable and self-sufficient regions and local areas.

Therefore, the Circularity Gap Report Poland, which will reveal an important picture of the current level of circularity in the Polish economy, also received a sneak peek at the Economic Forum. The report, including Poland’s Circularity Metric, as well as a range of suggested interventions that can improve circularity and sustainability in Poland, will be released on the 5th of October during the week-long circularity festival, Circular Week, organised by Innowo.

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