First Round Table

On May 13th, the Polish coalition for the Circularity Gap Report met for the first time since the amazing kick-off in April. The round table discussion was arranged at the Polish Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw. After a welcome by the host Agnieszka from Innowo (Poland) and knowledge-sharing on the circular economies ABC with Cathrine from Natural State (Norway), the stage was set for the main topic of the day. Carlos from Circle Economy (The Netherlands) presented the preliminary results and potential scenarios of the Polish Circularity Gap Report – which was followed by a thorough discussion by the engaged Polish coalition.
The coalition's broad range of knowledge and experience consists of representatives from academia, the Polish parliament, local governments, the Polish and Scandinavian Chambers of Commerce, PLGBC, architects, PARP, Plastics Europe, Ministry of Climate, WWF, UNEP GRID and others. These round tables and the work the coalition does for the report is extremely valuable for its quality and credibility, providing both numbers and first-hand insight into different parts of the Polish economy.

The two main goals of the report are: 1.) to get an overview of the material usage and flows in Poland and its degree of material circularity, and 2.) to research and identify future development opportunities to improve the degree of circularity in the economy. This work is now well started and will continue in the background as we are preparing for a delegation visit to Norway for more circular knowledge building and sharing. On this visit, we look forward to further exploring the potentials for bilateral projects and collaboration. Stay tuned!