Mazovia Circular Congress

This international, hybrid conference is one of the largest and most inspiring events dedicated to the circular economy in Central and Eastern Europe. Its goal is to promote the principles of the circular economy, support sustainable business models and establish cooperation between interested stakeholders.

-> Mazovia Circular Congress
-> Circularity Gap Report Poland
The Congress takes place during the closing day of Circular Week 2022, being the highlight of the week-long celebration of circularity. The Congress features lectures and discussion panels, gathering together a formidable array of international experts representing areas such as macroeconomics, bio-economy, urban infrastructure, waste management and plastics.

The day also includes workshops and matchmaking sessions organized in collaboration with experts and companies, making it an excellent opportunity for international networking, promoting circular and sustainable activities internationally and exchanging ideas during networking sessions.

CGR Poland at the Congress

The programme highlights topical aspects of the circular economy with the Circularity Gap Report Poland also receiving its own session. The discussion will focus on the challenges, barriers and enablers for international cooperation, using the report process as an example.

During this session the partner organisations behind the report will, again, present the findings and suggestions. This time with a focus on the possible circular synergies between Poland and Norway. The discussion will also consider the merit of building on shared experience and what we can learn from the countries which already have established Circularity Gap Reports.

Session moderators and speakers:

Agnieszka Sznyk (Innowo, European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform), Sanne Kaasjager (Royal Netherlands Embassy), Robert Chciuk (Polish Ministry of Climate Representative), Cathrine Barth (Circularities, Natural State), Freek van Eijk (Holland Circular Hotspot), Elin Bergman (Cradlenet, Nordic Circular Hotspot), Carlos Pablo Siguenza (Circle Economy), Einar Kleppe Holthe (Natural State).

Key themes at the Congress

Learnings and recommendations that are also highlighted in the CGR Poland are heavily present in the programme of the Mazovia Circular Congress. After taking stock of the current state of circularity within the Polish and international contexts, the sessions focus on areas also highlighted as having high circular potential in the CGR Poland.

Experts from their fields will discuss the circular merits of areas such as cities and the built environment, material consumption and the role businesses and enterprises have as influencers, bioeconomy and agrifood sectors, as well as finding the ‘low-hanging fruits’ of circularity.

International Cooperation and Bilateral Connections

As a testimony to the impact of the Circularity Gap Report Poland and the international coalition involved in its production is the impressive array of international, and especially Norwegian, speakers at the V Mazovia Circular Congress.

Creating collaboration and knowledge sharing across the borders was one of the key targets of this project. The Congress is an indication that this process is already bearing fruit and is being facilitated through the connections built during this project.