How circular is Poland?

The Polish Research Institute Innowo has joined forces with Amsterdam based impact organisation Circle Economy and Oslo based strategy agency Natural State to measure the state of circularity in Poland. The analysis, funded by the EEA and Norway Grants program, will deliver tailored recommendations for a circular economy in Poland and inspire stakeholders from businesses, governments, academia and civil society to steer the country's transition. The analysis will also connect Polish and Norwegian circular opportunities.

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“I am very happy to present the first Circular analysis and Gap-benchmark of the Polish economy. The knowledge is essential for making the economy more resilient. At the same time, a more Circular Polish Economy enables the future creation of hundreds of thousands of new, sustainable jobs in both existing and new industries and value chain,” says Dr. Agnieszka Sznyk, INNOWO’s President of the Board.

The report will shed light on Poland's resource reality by using Circle Economy’s method for analysing material flows in national economies. This will give insight on the flow of materials in the Polish economy and identify the biggest potential for improvements in resource efficiency and in making the economy more circular. Understanding how circular Poland is today is necessary for identifying opportunities for the future. A Circular economy has at its core “business innovation” – which creates new jobs, services and industries, enabling increased living standards and tax income.

“ Poland and Norway enjoy strong bilateral relations and Norway is a key partner to Poland in the green transition. The cooperation on the circular report aims to establish common understanding and strengthen our bilateral relations in businesses, trade, R&D and emerging SMEs,” says Anders Eide, Norwegian Ambassador in Poland.

The analysis and key recommendations will be launched in the form of a Circularity Gap Report for Poland in the third quarter of 2022. The process will involve industry, science and government stakeholders and the entire process will be presented at Circular Week in Warzaw October 2022. 

 “It will be interesting to identify what measures should be prioritised for Poland to become more circular and to what extent these measures are addressed in various national strategic documents such as the national action plan for a circular economy,” says Martijn Lopes Cardozo, CEO, Circle Economy.

“Poland is a large market and one of the most significant and growing economies in Europe. Connecting these insights with a science based Polish Circular Gap baseline, will evolve priorities and business initiatives for the coming decades of economic opportunities,” says Cathrine Barth, Head of Circularities by Natural State

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Dr. Agnieszka Sznyk, Innowo
Phone: +48 667 099 033

Cathrine Barth, Circularities by Natural State and Managing Partner, Nordic Circular Hotspot
Phone: +47 918 12 429

Einar Kleppe Holthe, Founder, Natural State and Managing Partner, Nordic Circular Hotspot
Phone: +47 98600718