Project partners

Institute of Innovation and Responsible Development INNOWO THINK-to-DO TANK established to support the development of innovation and implementation of systemic changes for the purpose of sustainable socio-economic progress. To this end INNOWO uses the Polish Circular Hotspot – a public platform initiated and coordinated by the Institute. Innowo is a Member of Coordinating Group of European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform and member of Polish CE Working Group under the National Smart Specializations (NSS).

Circle Economy is an impact organisation, founded to create prosperity for all within the limits of our planet. We combine data, tools and digital knowledge for the greater good. With nature as our mentor, we support businesses, cities & nations to accelerate circularity with practical roadmaps for change. We are an international team of passionate experts working globally, based in Amsterdam.

Natural State is an Oslo based strategy company working with place building and sustainable economics. We work with thoughtful and holistic value creation, combining traditional business development with Nordic societal oriented market culture and Japanese nature oriented market culture. We have our own circular strategy division. Circularities by Natural State is dedicated to accelerate the Nordic circular market transition. Natural State is leading the development of Nordic Circular Hotspot.

This project was made possible with the support from EEA and Norway Grants

Dr. Agniezka Sznyk
Project manager, Innowo

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