Circularity Gap Report Poland

The full report is available at:

Circularity Gap Report Poland was launched on October 5th, 2022, and includes:

  • Analysis and visualisation of Poland’s circularity gap, showing how raw materials are extracted and processed to become products and what happens at the end-of-use. The analysis sheds light on the accumulation of materials in products, goods, and the built environment around us. Furthermore, it reveals the extent to which Poland currently achieves the cycling of resources back into the economy.
  • Strategies to increase circularity. The report proposes a set of scenarios to overcome bottlenecks preventing a circular transition and identifies the sectors and initiatives with the biggest circular potential.
  • Opportunities for international cooperation. From the very start, the report aimed to pursue circularity in tandem between the Polish and Norwegian project partners. We have devoted a considerable part of the report to identifying the most promising strategies to learn from each other and to cooperate for the common goal of a more sustainable economy.


Watch the report launch:

This project was made possible with support from EEA and Norway Grants.